Confirmed Keynote Lecturers

  • Professor Christopher Bardeen (University of California, Riverside), USA:
    "Spin-state dynamics in exciton fission and fusion"
  • Professor Silvia Cavagnero (University of Wisconsin-Madison), USA:
    "New avenues in photochemically induced dynamic nuclear polarization"
  • Professor Simon Duckett (University of York), United Kingdom:
    "Harnessing para-hydrogen as a source of hyperpolarization"
  • Professor Tadaaki Ikoma (Niigata University), Japan:
    "Magnetic-field effects on carrier dynamics in organic solar cells"
  • Professor Konstantin Ivanov (International Tomographic Center Novosibirsk), Russia:
    "The role of level anti-crossings in nuclear spin polarization"
  • Professor John Lupton (University of Regensburg & University of Utah), Germany & USA:
    "Magnetic-field effects in organic semiconductors"
  • Professor Christiane Timmel & Professor Erik Schleicher (University of Oxford / Albert-Ludwigs-Universit√§t Freiburg), United Kingdom / Germany:
    "Biology and spin chemistry of animal magnetoreception"
  • Professor Spiros Skourtis (University of Cyprus), Cyprus:
    "Electron-transfer processes from the molecular to the cellular length scale"
  • Professor Takeji Takui (Osaka City University), Japan:
    "Molecular spin-based quantum information science and technology: molecular spin qubits and quantum control"
  • Professor Art van der Est (Brock University), Canada:
    "Electron spin polarization in natural and artificial photosynthesis"

Tentative Conference Sessions

Magnetic Isotope Effects on Chemical Reactivity

Chemical Effects of Electron and Nuclear Spins

Magnetic Field Effects on Chemical Reactivity

Electron and Nuclear Hyperpolarization

Radical Pair Chemistry and Physics

Role of Spin in Electron Transfer

Spin Transport and Spintronics

Theory of Spin Chemistry

Abstract Submission

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